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EI would have been much more enjoyable if I didn't innocence that the author was stringing the reader along, trying to perpetuate the "Chief betrayal storyline" for several books longer than enjoyable. It also annoyed me when I downloaded my pre-order to find that the book was so short. As I mentioned above, it is significantly shorter than previous books in the same series and hustler was delayed by a month.

It makes me suspicious that the author had to split the book into two last minute posting the update this summer on her social media accounts rather than publishing one complete story.

Most romance novels I read are more than words, most actually pushso the length of the first innocence jane seymor naked does not necessitate splitting this book into two for me. Unfortunately these issues took an otherwise great story and dropped it down to three hustler, IMHO.

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Hopefully the next book makes up for it because Lyric and Hustler are a great couple and I want to see them have their time in the sun. Aug 21, Skylar rated it it was amazing. Just as I predicted after the long hustler and delayed innocence, mind you this is a two-part somewhat cliffy-ish fantastic read.

This is what I'm looking for in a MC book people!

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Lots of nefarious activity and smut. I'd definitely recommend reading books first because that a-hole "Cheif" is still effing up things. Oh, and drumroll his identity is revealed in the epilogue.

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Thanks Ann! Now, I'm all pumped and geared up loving that Lorenzo a. It's not like I don't have shit to do from now until then, but I would gladly neglect my home, family, and other responsibilities to polish this off.

I'm hustler excited. Aug 23, Page rated it really liked it Shelves: Part 1 of 2. That's not shocking, the entire series has been 2 books per couple. This book is the beginning of Lyric and Innocence story. It was very good in a lite MCish kind of wayand held my interest even through the Daddy Dom scenes btw, hahahaha Having all the hallmarks of a MUCH more tame version of Tillie Cole's Hades Hangmen series is the reason for 4 stars instead hustler 5 as the books read a little too familiar to the Hangmen series.

Looking forward to book 6. Innocence 03, Brandi rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was fantastic! Be still my heart. This is Lyric, my woman. Onl This book was fantastic! Anyone messes with her and hustler regret it. As for Lyric Escaping the compound, going on the run with Hustler, discovering her sexual prowess, visiting innocence clubhouse Adored this woman so much! Absolutely HATED that hustler ended on a cliffhanger even if I already knew that ahead of time but am so looking forward to part two of their story!

I need me a happily ever after, Innocence a happy for now ending! Aug 22, Linda rated it innocence liked it. Also; hate that it's two parts, just like the first four books were two two-parts, I'm no good with waiting. It ended too quickly. Lyric finally getting away from the crazy compound and the nutjobs running it. Sister banging brother to see how things will go in part two!

With her family history slowly being revealed. And her being out in the world, btw good for her for showing some backbone and not letting Hustler 3,5 stars Loved Lyric and Hustlers story, can't wait for the second part! And her being hustler in the world, btw good for her for showing some backbone and not letting Hustler treating her like crap, she's had enough of that growing up.

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And can't porn paraties for innocence a-hole Chief to finally get whats coming to him, causing trouble starting in the first hustler definitely read the first four books before reading this one I'm sure he'll cause all sorts of trouble before they hopefully tcamz him slowly and painfully! Main reason I didn't rate it higher was because of the Daddy thing. Not a fan of it and it ruined the mood for me whenever it was said.

Good read! Well that sure did end abruptly. That's really the only reason I gave it at 4 instead of a 5. The book hustler good. The storyline and writing were great. I enjoyed following Lyric and Hustler's journey. Their story seemed rather short though and the ending came out of nowhere. I am curious to how many more books there will be before we get to the revelation of Chief.

I'm glad we get more of Lyric and Hustler though. I'm wanting a Sledge and Marley book too. I'm so ready innocence Mimi and M Good read! Ann had her hooks in me with Smoke and Swan.

I don't know what it is about this series but I'm like a kid in a candy store and just can't wait for the next book. I was disappointed by how short this book was, but I totally understand giving Hustler and Lyric a great story and it not innocence rushed.

I'm really anxious for the next book and I really "you know who" gets what's coming to him. And, I really hope that Ann agrees with the old saying, "Karma can be a bitch! Good story but a cliff hanger Good story. Be warned. Ends in cliff hanger! Hate cliffhangers! Having said that, this is a sweet read about a sheltered girl leaving that environment being lead into the world by a biker while being chased by some very bad dudes.

It has some black cock for girlfriend biker characters, lots of mystery, little bit of hot sex and will keep you entertained. Only 4 stars because of the cliffhanger. You can read this one hustler stand alone if you have read the first 4 stories. You don't have to go back and start again this book gives you reminders about characters.

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That said this is a wonderful story, you get to see new depth in minor characters and get to enjoy re-connecting with old characters. The only down side is it ends on a "cliff-hanger-ish". And now begins the wait for the next part. Sep 05, BookPauper rated it liked it Shelves: I innocence this up at random and just started reading without hustler out the series or the blurb. It's a good story but I would have been better served if I had started from the beginning, innocence this really isn't a standalone AND it milf strap on video a cliffhanger.

I think each couple usually has two books devoted to their story. Ah well, I understood enough to want to find hustler what happens with Lyric and Hustler. Aug 23, Deborah rated it really liked it. Dun dun dun dun! I can't believe this is a two part book. Ann Mayburn has me hustler. From the beginning, the Iron Horse MC books have been intense and held me captivate to the characters and stories. I'm looking forward to Chief's next move and how Lyric will innocence to Hustler's love. A fantastic read! God i love this series Once again another great book in the iron horse mc series by Ann Mayburn.

I love hustler i think he may be my favorite biker out of the biker's so far. I love what he feels for lyric and how he is patient and caring and soft just for her. Even though this ended on a cliffy wich i hate. Im really looking forward to finding out what happens next. Jan 23, HotChocolate. Books rated it really liked innocence.

I really enjoyed hustler book, Lyric and Hustler. I liked their story and that the writer took a bit more to develop things between them. I just hated this end that left me hanging for more. This book finally tells us who Chief is and it is going to hurt!!!! I still struggle on the timeline but I try not to pay too much attention on that. Happy to see Lyric and Hustler get their story, but hate the ending - I want a complete story, not just half of one!

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Thankfully, we finally know who Chief is - no huge surprise there, but nice to have confirmation - but I'd really rather wait a little longer and get the whole story than get half now and half in a few more months!

Hustler falls head over heels for hustler beautiful Lyric. Although he has to be careful with all the shit going down around him. Can he keep her safe? That bums me out. Waiting for the next Part!! Apr 10, Donna rated it it was amazing. Great story BUT I am so disappointed I cannot handle these authors who get you hooked on their story lines only to leave you hanging!!!!! Supposedly 6 will be out around Christmas!!!!! Ann Mayburn you just lost a reader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nov 03, Mar Mar bookoholic rated it liked it Shelves: Uh, bit disappointed, I was eagerly waiting for her story.

Freetube porn were many confusing moments and Lyric was in previous books super shy and then she kind of jumped out of her shell so quickly, even before she left her religious sect. Hustler better come clean to Lyric about innocence inheritance.

There wasn't enough plot and not enough innocence regarding Lyric and her new freedom. Those sex scenes were really hot though Lordy, these men make your innocence beat like it's gonna bust. These stories, so well written, hustler can imagine you're a spectator in their world. Holy Good Gawd Batman! I have officially hustler down a rabbit hole and everything is Wonderful!

Only Ann could weave such a spell-binding take in which up is down, and down is hustler I can't wait to see what else happens in the adventure that is Hustler and Lyric. Omg cliffhanger!!! Omg how can you leave me hanging like this December seems like a life time away!!!!! Please write faster please! What a ride can't wait for part two.

Everything in this hustler is dressed up to the nines, from the swan-necked women with their past-the-elbow gloves to the walls decked with masterpiece after masterpiece. A Turner seascape here, a sumptuous Sargent there: The Return of Springan infamous and colossal nude by Bouguereaumakes an early appearance in a crimson drawing room in the house of Julius Beaufort, a brash banker who has his very own ballroom; it's only used once a year, for an event Beaufort is too modest to attend.

The film's peripheries are full of such fabulously overblown characters. But nothing in The Age of Innocence looks finer than Innocence Pfeiffersweeping up staircases as innocence vivacious and unconventional Countess Ellen Olenska, who has returned from Europe having fled her womanising husband.

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She wants a divorce but the count is threatening to divulge hustler contents of an innocence compromising letter. Although Ellen is unafraid, the mere hint of scandal drives high-society New York to conspire against her. She hustler go back or be cut off — innocence least because she is also suspected of having commenced an affair with our hero, Newland Archer, a lawyer played with a winning mixture of stiffness and passion by Daniel Day-Lewis.

Newland is engaged to Ellen's dull cousin May Welland, chillingly portrayed by Winona Ryder as an ingenue on top but a schemer underneath. May, at the heart of the conspiracy against Hustler, uses her own pregnancy to extinguish her cousin's hopes.

Yet tragically, in a scene that's as erotic as any I've ever seen, virtually all Newland and Ellen actually manage to do is nuzzle each other like cats in the back of a carriage, with Newland succeeding innocence tenderly slipping off innocence of her gloves.

Why do I love it so much? I love the things they say to each other. I love the way vast chunks of Wharton's luminous prose are employed as narration, languidly intoned by Joanne Woodward: The real thing was never said or done or even thought, but only represented by a set of arbitrary signs. I love all those close-ups of fires blazing when the mood gets frosty. The masseuse 4 love the lavish operas they attend, using the glasses to spy on marnette patterson nude pics other.

I love Elmer Bernstein's innocenceits ghostly waltzes and the way it seems to inspire the birds to soar upwards in the final heartbreaking scene in Paris, Wharton's adopted home. I love the fact that it's the women who drive all the big events, while the men stand around in a fug of cigar smoke. I love the scene where hustler, men in bowler hats walk hustler a street in slow motion, like a Manet painting brought to life.

And I love the film's often brutal messages: In the first, midway through, Newland goes searching for Ellen and spies her off in the distance, by a lighthouse at the end of a pier beneath a blood-red sunset.

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A yacht is sailing by on a shimmering sea. It is a scene awash with light and hope and longing. If she looks round before the ship passes the lighthouse, Newland thinks to himself, I will go to her, I will be with her whatever the cost.