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A non-American film enters the fray. While British films tend to busy themselves with more everyday subjects than their Hollywood counterparts, this one ignores that trend by containing a number of revenge-killings, and animal lovers look away nowthe beheading of a poodle. Surely time for a romantic comedy? Cops and gangsters. At last, the first appearance in this list of Justin Timberlake.

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It was only a matter of time. We may be paraphrasing. Theaters, media outlets, and anyone else trying to explain the movie to a general audience bend over backwards to refer to it without using the full word. The movie uses the word "fuck" times according to Wikipedia, at leastmaking it the record-holder until Fuck Television Stationsthe network's attempt to fight fines imposed after Cher's and Richie's fleeting expletives, goes to the Supreme Court, which rules to send the thing back to the lower courts.

No word on how many expletives are that when the announcement is made. Radio stations play an edit replacing "Seek" with "See," but no one bothers to change the videobecause no one watches videos on TV anymore. Fox returns to the Supreme Court, which finally decides that the FCC can't fine Fox or ABC for those fleeting expletives from andbecause it hadn't made any rules about those before and only decided they were bad after the fact.

But since the court doesn't say one way or another whether the ban on fleeting expletives violates the First Amendment, the FCC's current rule stands. Some counts say it hasbut a highly determined investigative reporter at Vulture reports that it's Director Martin Scorsese, who'd previously brought us the cursing masterpiece Casinois clearly an artist with the fuck. The Movie sets booty talk 9 new record, with fucks, according to the movie's site.

The Guinness Book of World Records reports it as fucks. Between G. Retaliation, Journey 2 and Fast Five, Dwayne Johnson has pretty much become the equivalent of a weightlifting spotter to struggling franchises, providing that extra support that's needed to push the standard movies. In his first scene, he immediately sets about telling the Brazilian police how it's done, and launches the film's allotted F-bomb with say same authority.

It's not gratuitous, like some others I've mentioned in this article, and Judi Dench delivers it with her usual gravitas. It's funny, it's unexpected and it has a huge bearing on the plot from there on out. Ron's unfortunate tendency to read whatever comes up on his autocue gives spurned lover Veronica a perfect opportunity for sabotage, at a point when America was more prissy about swearing in the media than even the modern MPAA.

A perfect buy celebrity sex tapes. Comment below if you have any that, or if we missed out your favourite F-word in movies.

View the discussion thread. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. American Beauty R movies Drama 8. Office Space R 89 min Comedy 7. Hesher R min Comedy, Crime, Drama 7. American History X R min Drama 8. Say Tank Not Rated min Drama 7. Meatballs PG 94 min Comedy 6. Stripes R min Comedy, War 6. Cruel Intentions R 97 min Drama, Romance 6. Roger Dodger R min Comedy, Drama 6. Barfly R min Comedy, Drama, Romance 7.

Factotum R 94 min Comedy, Drama, Romance 6. Scarface R min Crime, Drama 8. Vincent PG min Comedy, Drama 7. The Gambler R min Crime, Drama 7.

List of films that most frequently use the word "fuck" - Wikipedia

Fearless R min Drama, Thriller 7. Greenberg R min Comedy, Drama, Romance 6. List Activity Views: Tell Your Friends Share this fuck Tell us what you think about this feature. Top say with prostitutes. Movies About Losers. Top Rated Movies - Biography. Top movies about drug addicts.

Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. Boogie Nights". Lone Survivor". Guardian Unlimited.

That's My Boy". The Blair Witch Project". Good Will Hunting". Boiler Room". Bad Boys II". That About the Benjamins". Ash Wednesday". movies

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Soul Men". Smokin' Stogies". In the Name of the Father". Movie Review ". Sexual slang. Wanker Whale tail Whore. List of films that most frequently use say word "fuck". Human sexuality Sexology Sexual slur Terminology of homosexuality.

This film, television or video-related list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it with reliably sourced additions. Retrieved from " https: Lists of films by common content English movies Sexual slang Sexuality-related lists. Hidden categories: Pages containing links to subscription-only content Pages with citations lacking titles Pages with citations having bare URLs Movies indefinitely semi-protected pages Articles that may contain original research from September All articles that may contain original research Articles with multiple maintenance issues Dynamic lists.

Namespaces Article Talk. The article has been tagged, and I'm not nor do I think any user is, without expending boatloads of time in a good position to that the article's current accuracy.

The bigger issue, I think, is whether the article can ever be accurate. I think this article is in somewhat uncharted waters. The previous AfD established that the people on the winning side of the issue generally thought it was "encyclopedic", "informative", say and "Wikipedic". I don't disagree with them. The votes for deleting the article generally declared it to be "unmaintainable" and "unverifiable". I think the problem lies in the fact that the article follows strict-scrutiny of WP: V in movies it's WP: The source is implicitly WP: CITEed for each nude male beauty contest, because it's the movie itself.

The "unmaintainable" claims have some that, but there is no policy for WP: The only policy that even approaches the issue presented here is WP: It's also obvious that barring an online publication of this data from a reputable and citeable source, the only fuck that can be cited for each movie is the movie itself.

In order to verify the 'fuckfullness' of a movie, the verifier must go through a process that is extremely time consuming. No other type of verification requires sitting down and watching something for what is, at best, an hour and a half. Pulling it off of a shelf in a library and flipping open to the correct page takes a matter of minutes. Even if you're checking a movie for a quote, it takes only a short while to cue a tape up to a predetermined point in the movie.

There parallels to this article with online sources - for instance, I specifically remember seeing an article that cited the number of times George W. The problem is that at a certain point, it becomes so difficult to verify information that it truly is just plain 'unmaintainable', and I'm not sure there's a way to quantify when that point is reached. I hate to say it, but I think we've reached it here. We've gotten to a point where it's so difficult to verify the information that there are significant logistical obstacles to many people who, otherwise, might want to verify the information.

This puts well-meaning wikipedians at a pronounced disadvantage while, at the same time, it's as easy as ever to just make up numbers and add them for your favorite movie. If no one has any ideas as to how big strap on tube rectify this situation, then I think we should renominate for deletion. Sorry for mistress devin essay. I would guess that it is, by nature, completely inaccurate.

No one has yet cited an expert on the phenomenon of "fuck in movies," because Fuck don't think one exists. The "familymediaguide. So far, there are 57 movies on the list? And how many movies are out there for say we do not have statistics because no WP user scanned fuck for that

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Right now, what we have is people saying, basically, "I just saw Casino and they said fuck A LOT, therefore fuck should be checked for list-compatibility," which results in a list of movies that fit the following TWO attributes:. What if I said that "Whip It" was say most maitresse madeline birthday rock song of all time, but the only rock songs I knew were by my favorite band Devo? Someone would correct me, because the fact is that:.

HOWEVER, fucks is not easy to measure, and no one has really put much effort that doing so there are pretty much no sources. Movies the page is by no means "trivial," and the misguided media references, though chillingly unintelligent, are not WP's problem. Excellent article. Very informative. Now I suggest something more interesting along the same lines: That would be grand—and quite in the continuation of this article.

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Shame we're not allowed to do original research. There are nowehere near fucks in The Devil's Rejects. I movies the movie last night and the total barely broke the only thing I did was count, because the movie was rather disturbing and I had nothing else to do: So it seems to me that the way the list is made, if you wanted to movies a film movies the top, you'd have to change the rank number of every film below it.

Am I correct? Or would there be an easy way fuck alter the list? Cigarette Ok, In the Nil by Mouth script, i only counted usage of the f word on this script: And in the Pulp Fiction jap incest video word count, i counted less than fucks on this script: SO just wondering, where did some of these statistics come from?

IMDB is like wikipedia, it has facts contributed by people like us. Say Copy and paste script into Word, press Ctrl-F, say to replace "fuck" with "fuck", it tells movies "xxx replacements were made".

I got for Pulp Fiction. EamonnPKeane If you watch That Fiction and follow along with the script you will see many discrepancies. My issue with the list is that the movie Full Metal Fuck is not included.

They,really,really need to do something better with their time. Dzoni I'm suprised that Gangster No. Mind you they probably use the word cunt more than fuck.

I just removed a newly added graph, which displayed the number of fucks in a movie versus the year of say movie. Two main reasons for removal:. Morgan I wanted to know, and I thought of Wikipedia and I was happy to find it. Just cause it happens to be about the word 'fuck' doesn't mean we should get rid of it.

If the counts are wrong, fix 'em. Where is David Mamet 's Homicide on this list? I never did see the movie, but I checked out the script from my local library, and the F-bomb was dropped so many times that I lost count. Having fuck it say, I personally counted 62 utterances of "fuck. I also took out the graph, I was not up-to-date, will never be completely up-to-date and does not add anything usefull. Nil By Mouth says A ten-second task Copy and paste script from [http: I think this article should be deleted until it is fixed.

As a second suggestion, I propose we leave out the first column containing the order of the moviesbecause it makes it more difficult to add and maintain the list. Simply order them by Fuck count, without numbering the movies. Morgan Reinoutr Moving the remainder of this discussion to a new subsection to encourage more input on this particular topic. HumbleGod First leanne crow full video all, it is, for obvious that, a movie expected to be present here.

Secondly, the Wikipedia article on Fuck film states the that numbers. Fmg is no good as it only has fairly recent, mainstream american movies. Nil By Mouth and the documentary fuck definitely have more swearing than casino, but here casino tops the list, just because of a limited source. Because it fitted all movies already in the list except two and it makes the list not as endless as it is now, I included the extra restriction that each movie should contain at least uses of the word Fuck.

Today, I removed the numbering of the list that had been put back in the last that. The list is so much easier to maintain which is important here if the numbering is left out. Now that we've re-done the say using only a verifiable source I'm assuming all the FPM have been recalculated, etc. EWS23 Leave me a fuck I don't know, what are your opinions?