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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. This page was last edited on 2 Novemberat I love her to death and would never cheat on her with my ex wife or anyone else, but its just hard to let go of the pictures.

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I don't know why but, it just is. But you should ask him about it, and if he acts nasty because of it, drop him. If he tells xxx tentacles he doesn't know why he still keeps them he's probably telling the truth. As adults, it is always correct to assume that the individual with whom you enter an intimate relationship had former lovers.

Of course, the question that most people ask is, "Are these past relationships over or not? Naturally, the one exception is if a man or woman has children that makes contact with the former partner inevitable.

Relationships, Former Lovers, and Trust

The answer to that question is not difficult and is partially answered by the second posting. The man wrote the response clearly states that he is aware of the fact that if his girlfriend found his photos of his ex wife she would feel very hurt. The success of all intimate relationships is based on a foundation homosexual dogs trust.

In most of the cases cited on the web site, pictures were clearly hidden on the computer and were uncovered as a result of snooping.

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Of course, snooping does not encourage trust either. The answers are mixed. For some, like Cindy Gallop—founder of Make Love Not Porn, a NSFW video site dedicated to correcting porn-based myths about sex —keeping nudes from past lovers is a way to reminisce about good times from her past.

In my case, I consider and I treat those nudes as just a really nice and entirely private personal reflection.

I treat those nudes as just a really nice and entirely private personal reflection. After all, though nudes are raunchy by nature, they can also be really sweet.

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Though Olivarius litigates revenge porn cases, she very much understands the appeal of sending nudes despite the risks involved. Former lovers are former lovers for a reason.

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If someone wants to jack off to someone else, they will. It boils down to intent and purpose: Are you keeping these photos in secret on purpose? And for what?

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Truly there is no one-size-fits-all aftercare plan with past partners. Look at it as an opportunity: When you can't get rid of lingering feelings, getting rid of photos can be a catharsis. By Alex Shultz.