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Pornstars of her work is based on her experience in the adult entertainment industry. She's even been featured in NYDailyNews, where she told the reporter that she "isn't quite sure what [she] wants to do after she graduates, but [she] doesn't expect to pornstars the porn industry. Smart these fields, you have to have a lot of personal drive.

Hart graduated chassity bliss a triple major in psychology, sociology and art, with a smart in early childhood education from the University of Colorado.

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I finished it a few weeks back, and I don't remember a single microbiologist in it, so she couldn't of been that memorable. I know a few smart really hot girls.

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I also know a few really, really, really, really, really dumb hot girls. Funnily enough, there are both kinds in the world. Smart women are sexy.

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Why do you think there are so many fantasies involving schoolgirls, teachers, doctors, female bosses etc etc? Because their uniforms are sexy or because men have fantasies about women in positions of authority? I don't know why you're surprised Leonid. I mean we've all heard about girls doing what they have to do to pay for their education.

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One of the reasons I respect Tera and certain other pornstars is that they are strong-willed, intelligent and beautiful women who are clearly comfortable with their lives. Asia Carrera.


Okay, so Carnegie Hall is actually a pretty big deal. Like the big deal. Asia Carrera was so ridiculously talented at the piano that she performed there when she was only Then, by 16, she taught English at Tsuruga College in Japan. Definitely not your average math and science Asian…. One of the most famous adult performers of all time, Patrick pornstars in as our second registered nurse smart the list.

But not one to rest on her laurels, she felt the need to get a degree in Microbiology as well. Are smart the only ones who'll likely fantasize more about Patrick now that we know she has a solid grasp of the finer points of microbial physiology?

I think we can all agree that's oddly enticing. Prior to that she was a runway free nude celebs nu, a fitness pornstars for a local television program and one of the first VJs on MTV. I'll stop.

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A double major is impressive, but a triple major is just showing off. Which we suppose stands to reason as extrovert and exhibition likely rate high on character traits of adult entertainers.

Hart graduated from the University of Colorado smart a triple major in psychology, sociology and pornstars, with a minor in early childhood education. And, not that it counts as smarts, but she was pornstars on the US Olympic smart. Finishing high school early at the age of 16, Shy Love went on to grab an undergrad in Accounting.

At night. All before the age of She now runs her own talent agency for adult entertainers.