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Small cracks at the back at the corners of the cover, but not disturbing. Subscribe to our newsletter! Without JavaScript it is not possible to record orders and a number of features will not be available. Shop cart 0 Vintage items in shopping cart. Case cart. My Account I am already a customer Your email address. Your password. Login Remember me. Vorige Item of Volgende. NLB01 info retro-en-design. Oud brabantie huishoud spaarblik.

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Old Record Cases:

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When she is not typing away at her desk, you can find her at a Read more. Stories You Might Like. The hinges are fine and durable. Third, false advertisement, this case can hold records in sleeves. That's right we counted wall to wall in each compartment with typical sleeves. However keep in mind you will have to take some out to flip through the row long slow wank that's fine with me.

The case filled to capacity is very heavy too so keep this in mind when loading those precious 45s up. I would say upwards of 50 to 60 lbs.

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However I did nude bellydance video weigh it. I bought the two case pack, filled one to capacity and have a little under a row and a My better half bought this for my birthday and I couldn't be happier with it. Sounds better than we expected for how cheap it was.

And the Bluetooth works great. I highly recommend. Excellent customer service. The first one I received played fuzzy for records, but beautifully for blue-tooth. When I reached out to the owners, they replaced it free of charge and the new turntable I received plays perfectly! Can't beat wonderful customer service! It weighs about 4 pounds and is the size of a very small suitcase.

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The only difference is that unlike the picture, the top of the case sits way back, so make sure you have plenty of room behind the player to open it sasuke and sakura hentai all the way before you get playing. Previous reviews said the case might not hold the weight, but I found them sturdy enough.

I also vintage sure where someone might be carrying them to that you would need the handles to last long term anyway. I bought this to store my record albums that I am no longer playing.

We got rid of the turntable but I couldn't part with the records. This was the perfect way to protect them while they're in storage. I did record realize either that you get all three cases in the picture. So it's a 3-pack. Great value considering how many albums one case holds!