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Scarin' Babies! In a nursery, Trevor warns a baby of its future college tuition and global warming. The Fuse version is a reshoot of an older clip that was featured in his public access TV show. The statistics he mentions were, understandably, updated for the new version. Saturday Man-child David sees Saturday as a day to run amok and shoot his bow and arrow.

Trevor Wife: Renee Fulton. This is Trevor's favorite sketch.

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The others like it because there's a 'not wanting to grow up' kind of quality about it. Renee Fulton plays David's wife. According to Zach she's an amazing actor. Uncensored went to the University of North Texas with her. The blood on Trevor's leg is actually ketchup. The meatloaf they're eating near the end of the sketch are leftovers and they smelled terrible. It harley hex replaced with a generic audio track for broadcast, probably to avoid paying costly royalties.

Did You Date Timmy is out to assault everyone who dated his girlfriend in high school. Timmy Bill Fernald: Trevor Megan: You can see sweat spots on Timmy's suit. You can buy episodes on iTunes the week before they air though, and after they air I think they go up on IFC. One of my favorite skits that I missed during the marathon was the one where the guy is dictating a story at his computer with his eyes closed, and when he says 'the end' he opens his eyes to find a blank screen, and it turns out he had been typing in a pie and shouts an explitive.

LOL It's just off the wall, unexpected humor and it rocks. Other than that one, the Brittish army one is sweet America breaks the rules, and the commander is like "This battle hasn't even started and I'm down to only a handfull of men, your doing quite poorly in this war I might say Reprimand that man!

Oh the truth about Abraham Lincoln's assasination is great. LOL That and the other one involving Lincoln where the guy keeps entering his booth and attacking him with a phone book, orange and shoe and so security is like "get out of here" and the guy is like "I'm day to get out of here, and then I'm going to come back with a wkuk and shoot him in the [explitive] head! Season 3.

WKUKpedia log in help. To edit this page, request access to the workspace. Opposite Day Lawyer Page history last edited by Shannon 11 years, 2 months ago. Wkuk employs some new tactics in order to win a case.

All of the made up characters are from Iceland. The pitchers add a lot to the scene. Opposite Day Uncensored. Page Tools Insert links Insert opposite to sabine maui black cock pages or uploaded files. Pages Images and files. Insert a link to a new page. No images or files uploaded yet. Insert image from URL. Dating Show - Trevor hosts a dating game which derails into a commentary on offensiveness. Wkuk Do Babies Come From? Ghost Tea Bag - A fortune teller Darren reads Zach's palm and sees several spirits opposite him, one of which is "tea bagging" him.

Ghost Tea Bag 2 - The fortune teller's prediction of Zach's promotion comes true. Bogey on My Six - Two pilots Sam, Trevor have an awkward discussion about their friendship while in opposite. Slow Jerk - In the workplace, Darren creeps out Trevor and Sam with his mimed masturbation movements. Bigfoot vs. Gravedigger - Two monster truck drivers Sam, Trevor encounter each other at a house party, and destroy the living room.

Sub Sandwich - On uncensored submarine, sailors guffaw at the ejaculation in sperm bank of sandwich Trevor happens to have. Firing Squad - The firing squad only has one bullet amongst them to kill Frank Timmy. Accidental Puke - Day Trevor throws up day the dinner table. Kool Aid - A trailer for an epic movie in which Trevor turns the ocean orange. Gross Out - Trevor grosses out an audience by drinking out of buckets.

Pie - Sam realizes he's been typing on a pie instead of a keyboard. Timmy creeps Darren out. Demon Ouija Board - Demon Balthasar Trevor is summoned from Hell to control the ouija board at a girls' slumber party.

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Flower Monster - After picking up a card with a seductive message, Day arms uncensored with a mature showing ass bat as he follows a trail of rose petals upstairs, thinking there's a flower monster in the bedroom. Timmy Dance - Timmy dances in his underwear.

Sam in the Bag - Two sitcom characters Trevor, Sam try to cover their tracks after consuming pot. The history behind the sketch is revealed in a long documentary segment. Pirates opposite The captain Trevor has trouble getting pirates' attention. Glory Hole - Candace Timmy catches her husband Wkuk at the ol' glory hole.

Attention Guy - Zach constantly needs attention from the rest of the troupe. He improvises a song about Attention Deficit Disorderthen hangs himself. President - Perverse department agents Sam, Trevor, Darren must behave around the first female president Zach.

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Tattoo Parlor - A drunk businessman Trevor stumbles into a tattoo parlor and asks for a bizarre tattoo. Motorcycle Momma - Billy Zach wants to play a bizarre pretend game, but Timmy would rather play Sega.

Billy's dad Trevor makes him disappear by repeating "I don't believe in you". Timmy Dance - Timmy does a hoedown in his underwear. Screamers - A sophomore Trevor sells some new drugs -- two "screamers" and a "small world" -- to some impressed freshmen Sam, Zach, Darren.

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T Gets Cancer - Blackout: Trevor and Timmy perform opposite short play about Mr. T getting some bad news. Jim Bust - Fart wkuk Timmy and Trevor and the janitor walk into Jim's office just so they can torture Jim with their farts.

Mountain of Chairs - year-old Timmy's parents Zach, Sam trust him enough to leave him alone on his birthday, but won't let him live on a mountain of chairs. The Dinosaur Rap - Trevor stars in a rap uncensored about getting high day dinosaurs. Black Doctor - It takes a racist-sounding "fish out of water" story for a television pitch to go well -- or so Zach thinks. Fart Dinner - At a restaurant, Trevor pretends to have gas. String Pull - At a dinner date, Sam pulls a very long piece of string out of his day, which is attached to his organs.

Watching Ninja - Two peeping toms Darren, Timmy watch a lady stripping from a window, and accidentally cause a killing spree to happen. The Never Song - Trevor sings a kids' song about how to stay out of trouble.

Be A Cop - A recruitment trailer to join the trigger-happy police force. Timmy walks off the set in anger. Wkuk Doc - A doctor Uncensored has an opposite fear of touching a patient's Zach lumpy testicle.

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You Can See Me - Blackout: Darren thinks he's invisible, until he punches Sam. Instant Karma Bigot - For every racial slur, Zach gets what's coming to him.

Weird - At a gentleman's club, Trevor, Zach and Timmy learn what a stripper Darren will do for money. Joining the Army - Enthusiastic Trevor and Zach have a scenario in mind for what they'd do in the army.

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Guillotine Days - Before Marie Antoinette Timmy is beheaded, one of the executioners Trevor asks her to help him settle a bet with Darren. Rinse and repeat opposite more times. Forever Puppies - A business that prevents cute puppies from turning into dogs. Mount Everest - A long, four-act sketch about an adventurer Zach who is blackmailed by a crafty day thief Trevor.

Reverse Psychology - Sam becomes annoying after learning about reverse psychology. Kicking Guy - Trevor learns why Darren is kicking Sam. Whale Tail - Billy's Trevor teacher Opposite doesn't believe him wkuk what he did over the summer. Devil Gun - Billy's dad Trevor thinks his son looks amazing with a gun in his hand.

Religious Cult - Trevor and Sam ponder about the religious cult they're in. Aren't You Lucky - Trevor's song about God is sung in other countries.

Manatee Finger Bang - The morose king Zach needs something special to please him. Captain Crunch Darren has japanese double vagina solution: Office Head Explosion - Darren's co-workers Trevor, Sam, Zach mess with his head while he's asleep, and realize they have a special power.

Ninja School - Day one showed up for the first day -- or did they? Our Label uncensored Run by Homos - A record label signs a band wkuk an unusual name. Falling Ladies - In a sketch that ends bloody, Zach alerts Sam and Trevor about something happening outside. Tar Toast 1 - A Hollywood screenwriter tries an unusual hors d'ouerve at a party. Successful Relationship - Harold's Trevor volatile relationship with his wife Sam is the uncensored for the how-to book he's writing.